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About Biorhythms

According to the theory, our lives are affected by three primary biorhythms: Emotional, Physical and Intellectual. Others claim that there are additional secondary biorhythms (Spiritual, Intuition, Awareness and Aesthetic) some of which may be combinations of the three primaries. Biorhythms start at birth and then oscillate between a positive phase and a negative phase throughout lifetime.

Biorhythm supporters claim that when a biorhythm is at a positive phase, people may feel or be able to perform better for activities related to that biorhythm. Conversely, when a biorhythm is at a negative phase, bad mood or difficulties to carry out activities related to that biorhythm, may experienced. When a biorhythm crosses the middle line it is considered to be in a “critical” time.

Primary Biorhythms

Period: 28 days
Affects: mood, sensitivity, creativity

Period: 23 days
Affects: endurance, strength, toughness, coordination.

Period: 33 days
Affects: analytical thinking, logic, learning ability, memory.

Secondary Biorhythms

Period: 53 days
Affects: peace, harmony

Period: 38 days
Affects: unconscious perception, hunches, instincts.

Period: 48 days
Affects: cognition, learning, sense

Period: 43 days
Affects: Creativity, perception of arts

It is the mean of the biorhythms you choose by checking the corresponding checkboxes. By default, the checkboxes of the three primary biorhythms (Emotional, Physical, Intellectual) are checked.

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