Biorhythm Compatibility

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About Biorhythm Compatibility

According to the theory, when the biorhythm compatibility of two persons is high then a relationship between them is likely to have more chances to be successful while for low compatibility more effort will be needed to make it a success.
Biorhythm compatibility can be considered as an index of birthday compatibility based on biorhythms. For two persons that have the same birthday, all their biorhythms will be 100% compatible.

This Biorhythm Compatibility calculator takes as input the birthdates of two persons in order to calculate the compatibility of each biorhythm separately. The Average is the mean of the compatibility of the biorhythms you have select by checking the corresponding checkbox next to every bar on the chart.
The biorhythms for which compatibility is calculated are Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Intuition, Awareness, Aesthetic. Information about biorhythms.