Birthday Compatibility calculator

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About Birthday Compatibility

Birthday Compatibility is an index of matching between two persons. When it is high, then a relationship between these persons is easier be a success. The birthday compatibility depends only on the difference between the dates of birth, thus remains stable through lifetime. For two persons that have been born on the same day, the birthday compatibility is 100%.
This calculator is based on the biorhythm theory to calculate the birthday compatibility between two persons. The only data it takes for this calculation are the dates of birth. Birthday compatibility is calculated separately for each biorhythm and as an average of the biorhythms you choose by clicking on the corresponding checkbox.

About Indicators

Primary biorhythms indicators

Cycle duration: 28 days
Affects the compatibility of mood, sensitivity, creativity

Cycle duration: 23 days
Affects the compatibility of endurance, strength, toughness, coordination.

Cycle duration: 33 days
Affects the compatibility of analytical thinking, logic, learning ability, memory.

Additional biorhythms indicators

Cycle duration: 53 days
Affects the compatibility of peace, harmony

Cycle duration: 38 days
Affects the compatibility of unconscious perception, hunches, instincts.

Cycle duration: 48 days
Affects the compatibility of cognition, learning, sense

Cycle duration: 43 days
Affects the compatibility of creativity, perception of arts

Combined cycles indicators

Average of Physical and Emotional biorhythms

Average of Emotional and Intellectual biorhythms

Average Physical and Intellectual biorhythms


It is the mean of the compatibility of biorhythms you choose by checking the corresponding checkboxes. By default, the checkboxes of the three primary biorhythms (Emotional, Physical, Intellectual) are checked.
To calculate the average, we recommend ignoring Passion, Wisdom and Mastery, as these are already averages of the primary biorhythms.